Hello there!

This is a slightly different post. I’m getting back into design, brushing up on my knowledge and learning some new skills. I was asked by a friend to produce an A4 design using the quote ‘We go together like rama lama lama, ka dinga da dinga dong!’- a line from a Grease. I asked a few further details, like what she had in mind, the theme, colour etc. My friend asked for the text to be laid out using subtle colours, including a beverage and also add the number 30, as its for a 30th birthday.

(Click on image for full design).

I started by sketching up a quick design with all the requirements in mind. Once the design was drafted, I sent this across for feedback. My friend was very happy but asked for the ‘Happy 30th Birthday’ line to be dropped and discreetly add the ’30’ elsewhere in the design. I then removed the line and added the ’30’ into the beer glass. I got the go ahead to move to the next stage, which was to take the design into Adobe Illustrator and neaten it all up.

(Click on image for full design).

Next I gathered some fonts (some provided with Illustrator and a couple from Google Fonts). I also brought a design pack recently which included the beer glass and decorative swirls. I started assembling the text and images together to achieve the above arrangement, carefully planning and aligning the layout.

I also made a collage using photos my friend provided to place towards the bottom of the composition. She was very happy with the final piece and the colours I’d choose, so I didn’t need to change anything 🙂

I’m really happy with the way this type turned out. Typography was always something I enjoyed producing during college, I believe I have a good eye for it :p