This past week I have been working for a company called ProGARM. They specialise in making safety garments to provide protection for workers.

I took this job on initially thinking it was a reception position (which it was). I mentioned in my interview that I would ideally be looking to get back into the creative industry, but I’m finding it hard. I had a good chat and left feeling confident that I had the job as a receptionist for the week. True enough my instincts were right and I started on the following Monday.

When I got to the office on the Monday, it was the usual meet and greet with co-workers and then a run down of the job role, of which nothing was mentioned about design. I was to answer the phones, takes messages and direct calls. Towards dinner time on the first morning, one of my colleagues casually asked if I would mind reformatting and adding content to the company catalog. I immediately said sure! It went from there really, they kept giving my photos to edit, banners to create and other design work. It was Brilliant!! 😀  Oh and I occasionally answered the phone.

I had a great week working there and the people were all really friendly. I would have loved to stay but unfortunately there wasn’t a role available. Saying that I gained confidence, experience and great contacts for the future. I still keep in touch with them now and they send me freelance work to produce for them.

So the next chapter in my life had been sprung upon me out of nowhere! Which is amazing, instead of sitting procrastinating, it’s given me the confidence to start working freelance.