Elegant Colour Variations.

Elegant is a realistic digital painting. I started this piece awhile ago, but started another composition to have a break and basically forgot about it! 😀 So to my surprise when looking through my project files, I stumbled upon this. It only took me couple of hours to finish it, as I’d already done a substantial amount already. The image above is the final painting with no further tweaks or effects.

I decide although I was very pleased with the overall composition, the woman in the image looked a bit pale/dull. So I brightened the image up using pink colour variations and curves in Photoshop. Her face was now perfect but the fan looked too pink, so I decided to use the original fan but darken it (using curves and levels) to emphasize the face.

This is the complete painting and I couldn’t be more happier with the way it turned out! I know I still have some more practice to do when it come to realistic paintings, but I’m really proud of this piece! 🙂