Queen Re-Freshed

A refreshed look, for an old piece.

Prep for Inktober

Brushing up on my drawing to get ready for inktober.

Receptionist to Designer

I took a temp job as a receptionist and ended up being a graphic designer for a week!!

Typography Project

A project for a friend to produce a A4 typography design for a 30th birthday.

Carry Me Away!

Development of ‘Carry me away’.

Random Doodles

Here’s some random doodles.

New Website Design!

Just a quick post..

Out With The Old?!..

I’m thinking of redesigning my website; to make it more current. So this means I will also will be revisiting some old pieces and deleting my artwork. Below is ‘Lost In Enchantment’ the old and the new.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

As you can guess from the title, I have been very busy lately. Due to this Ive had little time to blog, draw and even put my own life into order. I have been doing the odd sketches here and there, and have just updated my portfolio with a couple new pieces. I’m yet to…