Queen Re-Freshed

A refreshed look, for an old piece.

Prep for Inktober

Brushing up on my drawing to get ready for inktober.

Receptionist to Designer

I took a temp job as a receptionist and ended up being a graphic designer for a week!!

Typography Project

A project for a friend to produce a A4 typography design for a 30th birthday.


Painting inspired by our new cat Mia :3

Carry Me Away!

Development of ‘Carry me away’.

Random Doodles

Here’s some random doodles.

New Website Design!

Just a quick post..

Out With The Old?!..

I’m thinking of redesigning my website; to make it more current. So this means I will also will be revisiting some old pieces and deleting my artwork. Below is ‘Lost In Enchantment’ the old and the new.