Just a little doodle of a blob I turned into a moody cat 🙂  


Tribal characters complete! Like I mentioned in my last post, theses were drawn using only pencil crayons 🙂

Tribal and Artfulness

  Over the next day or so I’m going to compose some sketches using only pencils. I’ve started with the one above (slightly Pocahontas inspired, but intentionally). I really like the tribal style so I will keep the drawings similar, but in different poses. I will post the final sketches on my portfolio. Feeling quite creative…

Vanity’s Core

I got the inspiration for the watercolour piece, from a quote I got on-line ‘She drank in all their compliments and soon she was full of herself’. Instead of compliments, I based my composition on ‘Vanity’. So she is drinking in herself. I think of vanity of a dark poison that takes over your sole….

Return Of The Turnip Monster!

Life’s been pretty busy recently so haven’t been posting as much new work as I’d like to… 🙁 but on the plus I’ve been working on the return of the Turnip Monster tonight and this is were I am so far 😀 So I’ve chosen to do this piece in a different art style, being…